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Meat Processing Plant H. Kołdras " that known and respected company in the Polish market for many years. Our products are sold based on network of own shops, as well as distributed to individual customers. They are also a regular feature of the kitchen "the Tavern on the Raba" and the best showcase for the company is still growing, group of regular customers for our company guarantees high quality products. Production of meat and meat products in our factory meets the high quality and safety requirements, imposed by the European Union.

We were granted with many awards:

  1. Jakość Tradycja

  2. Mistrz Rolnictwa i Przetwórstwa

  3. Wyróżnienie Roku kat. Mięsa i Wędliny

  4. Our products were listed on Treditional Products list by the Minister od Agriculture Markek Sawicki

To meet the high demands of customers, the plant implemented a security system HACCP, which gives both us and you the highest quality assurance of products. For this purpose we employ well qualified staff, with many years experience working in the meat industry.Particularly noteworthy are the traditional products such as ham traditional rural bacon and sausage - the best in Małopolska, all produced on the basis of family recipes.

Kołdras Group


We offer high quality fuel of many different types: Pb95, Pb98, ON and also ON-Tir.


Our service is always professional and kind for its clients. 

Our main and only supplier is PKN Orlen.

Our fuel quality is granted by BAQ standards. It is a program of quality monitoring based on a regular, unsuspected quality controls, on three levels of availabe marks validated by ORLEN Paliwa Sp. z o.o. Our fuel is fully compatible with highest European standards.   

You can also make a quick shopping while visiting our station. Our shop offers:


  • - car accessories
  • - cold beverages
  • - cigaretes and alcohol
  • - parafmaceutics
  • - car maps

Also many different products that might be handy during your journey.


32-700 Bochnia, ul. Proszowska 121
tel. (14) 611 39 90

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We kindly invite you to "Gospoda nad Rabą" Elegant and unique interior design, professional service and what is the most important to us - excellent cuisine, which has so far delighted many gourmets. Wonderful moments spent by the fireplace, candlelight, perfect for moments of fun and rest. Visit us and learn more about our place.


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